Review: Happy Nappy Styles and Silk Shake

What it is: A thick, rich styling cream  and detangling/moisturizing styling lotion

Price: Happy Nappy Styles: 8oz/$19,  Silk Shake  8.45oz/$19

Website: Blended Beauty

The Review:

I was curious about this line, and I decided to order, right before Thanksgiving. I didn’t like that I wasn’t informed that the Happy Nappy Styles was out of stock until AFTER I placed my order. I hate when companies do that. Tell me upfront that something is out of stock, and let me decide if I still wanna order or not.

Okay, on to the actual products.  First, I really wanted to  these products.  Really.  But…I didn’t. Are they bad products? Not at all. Will I buy them again? Nope.

I tried the Happy Nappy Styles and Silk Shake combination, as a suggestion from Splinta24 on YouTube.  She used the Happy Nappy Styles by itself, initially, and didn’t get the moisture she was after, so she contacted the company and they suggested she try it with the Silk Shake. So, I figured I’d do the same. I was looking forward to a nice Christmas “braidout”. I was tired of two-strand twists.

Happy Nappy Styles is a thick, white, heavy cream.  The scent is very light…can’t pinpoint what it smells like, but I think most people would find the scent to be manageable. The Silk Shake comes in a spray bottle, but you can’t spray a fine mist of sprays in short, direct spurts. I sprayed it in my hand, and applied it to big sections of damp hair, detangled with my rake, and knotted those sections.  I was able to detangle my hair easily, and quickly. When I was done, I took down one section, parted into smaller sections and began braiding with the Happy Nappy Styles, applying a “dab” to each section, from the roots, and working down to the ends. I repeated with each larger section.

My actual braids looked fine.  The hold was firm, but not crunchy. I usually leave braids/twists in for at least 3-4 days, if I’m going to wear a braid/twist out. But I didn’t have time for that, so I unbraided the next day. My hair was COMPLETELY dry,  so the lack of hold (unbraided) wasn’t due to not-completely-dry hair.

Hmmmm….I wasn’t happy with my nappy style.     The definition I usually get (even if I only set my hair overnite) was not there. My hair barely lasted thru the day. I had to re-braid the front…and it still wasn’t right the following day. The hair at the back of my head, which usually holds extremely well, was okay…but not what I’m used to.

As far as moisture, my hair was fine…but I didn’t get the softness I get with my Afroveda Shea Amla Whipped Butter Cream.  It was nothing special.

A Nappy Girl