My 6-Month Healthy Hair Challenge

My 6-Month Healthy Hair Challenge

I started a “Healthy Hair Challenge” almost six months ago, in an attempt to nurse my hair back to health, after a long battle with color damage. Here’s what went down:

I ended up removing the color damaged hair. I was tired of  it. My hair looked pretty good, but it didn’t feel quite right. I knew my hair’s potential, and I wasn’t going to get there holding on to the last five inches of Feria color damaged hair. What a relief!

I’d originally thought I would avoid all heat. It sounded good, and I’m well aware of the risks that come with heat straightening. I preach about it,  often to deaf ears. However, my hair does better, with  the occasional use of a blow dryer/flat iron, particularly my ends.  It greatly reduces the number of knots I get.  So, when I decided to avoid heat altogether, I noticed an increase of knots (shortly after a trim, so I knew it wasn’t because my hair needed trimming). My #1 go to product for heat protection? Kerastase Ciment Thermique

I also discovered ayurvedic powders, cassia and henna. Henna is probably the best “conditioner” I’ve ever used, as far as increasing the strength, thickness and manageability of my hair. I have this really “rough” patch of hair, near my crown. It’s the driest/crunchiest area on my head, and henna made a noticeable difference, after just one application.  Amla, brahmi  and maka  (along with henna) are a regular part of my conditioning regimen.  That little “crazy sore scalp” section of my head is gone. AyurNatural Beauty is my source, for henna, cassia, indigo and herbal powders. The customer service is top-notch, and shipping is super fast!

As far as internal changes, I’m drinking more water and taking a multi-vitamin regularly.  I’m trying to eat better, as well. My stress level has gone down, and I’m much more relaxed.

So, after six months of TLC, I can say my hair has definitely improved!  My gallery pics show the last two months of the challenge. For those of you who “ran” with me, I hope you had the same positive results!

A Nappy Girl