Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep…today I hit the 47-year mark. WOW! I’m almost 50 years old. Time flies, whether you’re having fun, or not..once you pass 30.

I had to work today, and I had a birthday party at work. My cake was phenomenal, don’t you think? It was tasty, too. The bottom layer was sour cream white cake, with peanut butter cream and strawberry preserves…”PBJ”. Delish…beyond words!   The Cake Box, did a wonderful job.

The top layer was red velvet, with cream cheese filling. I didn’t care for that one as much. Almost EVERY time I order any chocolate type cake, it’s  a tad dry. It seems difficult to make a really moist chocolate cake. I’m not a cake baker. I bake pies.

Anyway…it’s good to still be in the land of the living, and in good health and spirits. Once again, God has seen fit to let me see another birthday. Praise Him. I give thanks!

A Happy Nappy Girl