I’m a single, 40-something, Christian, African American female, trying to work out this whole “Life in Christ” thang. I created this site to share my life and hopefully bless somebody, along the way. Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to my humble, online abode!
Blessed to have ya!

You’re considered a friend (for now), so respect the friendship. Navigation is pretty easy. To expand/collapse the blogroll/links, simply click on the [ + ] or [ – ], next to the text.

I’d like to encourage other African-American (in particular) Christians to come on out, and blog! Blogging can be very cathartic. You’ll be surprised how the Lord will use what you write, to minister to you, as well as others. Try it. If you need some encouragement to get started, consider joining BC Bloggers, a brand new webring. I’ll help you choose a blogging platform, and point you to some wonderful folk, who can help you blog, in style.

If you have questions, feel free to use the contact form to send me an email. I do make every attempt to respond to all emails, within 48 hours. If I don’t get back with you, within that time period, know that I will respond at my earliest convenience.

The Rules of Engagement

This is my site. It’s primarily an outlet for me to chronicle my life’s journey. Any benefit received by others is simply an extension of God’s goodness. I praise Him and thank Him for that. However, I pay the monthly mortgage, so I write about what interests me.

Your comments are welcome, if you’re civil and somewhat sane. If you find my take on life to be diametrically opposed to yours, do the wise thing and find other turf to surf. Foolishness is not rewarded. Amen?

A Nappy Girl